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Camp Loyaltown Campers Give Back

Camp Loyaltown Campers Give BackWhen the opportunity to give back to the local community presented itself to the Camp Loyaltown family, Session Three campers were happy to join together in a group effort to see the benefits of a garden to table system.  Throughout the 2016 camp season, campers have spent time tending to the garden beds, watching vegetables grow, and now, donating these resources to the local community.Camp Loyaltown Campers Give Back

In a program run by the Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties in Hudson, NY, where nutritional food is often difficult to come by, providing participants of the WIC Program (Women, Infants and Children) with fresh, nutritional food is top priority.  One of Camp Loyaltown’s goals has been to cultivate a system through which campers can give back to the local community, and see their hard work and dedication pay off.

Camp Loyaltown Director, Savita Sharma, hopes to make these donations weekly.  The long term goal is to have a small farm stand at a farmer’s market within close proximity of camp grounds, where campers can offer the fruits and vegetables grown in the garden beds to the local community.  Garden beds have been added over the course of the 2016 camp season to ensure that each camper has the opportunity to be a part of the process.  Over the course of their stay, campers will be able to take part in planting, watering, and harvesting fruits and vegetables.



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