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The Daffodil Project

After receiving 500 daffodil bulbs to participate in the New Yorkers for Parks Daffodil Project, Camp Loyaltown respite campers aided in the process of planting, watering and tending to the bulbs as they take roots and prepare to bloom in the 2018 spring season.

The goal of the Daffodil Project, which began in 2001 shortly after the attacks on 9/11, is to respect the memory of lives lost, and in the process, beautify our state.  The initiative is seen as a “living memorial” as daffodils are perennials, returning every spring, brightening the camp grounds and acting as a peaceful and respectful reminder.  With this initiative, campers are presented with the opportunity to be a part of a greater cause, and will be able to see the results of their work when the bulbs blossom in the spring.

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