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Dining Assistant Counselor


  • Camp Loyaltown is a large residential summer camp for developmentally disabled children and adults.  The campers range in age from 6 years to 80 plus years old; most of the campers are between 10 years – 60 years old.  The campers range in ability from those who need all their physical needs taken care of by the staff to those who need just verbal direction and reminders. Dining Assistant Counselors would be responsible for and supervise the Dining Assistants while they set up, serve and clean up after mealtimes and during the DA Days Off.


  • Instruct and supervise Dining Assistant in the following areas for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • setting of tables
    • gathering of necessary items (food, drink, etc.)
    • clearing of tables and trays
    • washing of tables and chairs
    • sweeping floors in general vicinity of tables
  • Assist Dining Assistants as well as complete additional set up and clean up duties in the dining hall on a meal to meal basis
  • On a rotating basis during mealtimes serve as the floating counselor, front counter counselor, or coffee/tea counselor
  • Participate in a daily meeting with Head Chef, Dining Assistants, and Dining Hall Servers
  • Participate on a daily basis in scheduled program activities, unit swim, and Evening Activities, as well as plan well supervised and structured free time for the Dining Assistants
  • Be informed of the Dining Hall rules and reinforce them to counselors to promote efficiency and cleanliness in the Dining Hall
  • Help Unit Administrator to plan and run the Wednesday DA day off trips
  • Provide the Dining Assistants with a safe, well supervised, enjoyable environment both at camp and on day off trips
  • Complete postcards and supervised phone calls home on a weekly basis and enter such in a log located at the office
  • Complete Cabin Counselor duties as listed on that job description


  • Prior experience in a restaurant, serving or dealing with customers.

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