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Life Plans

Greetings from Camp Loyaltown!

We hope everyone has been having a lovely holiday season and is looking forward to a fantastic new year!

We have been receiving many questions about lifeplans for camp applications – these documents are essential to every single camper application.

The requirements for lifeplans are as follows:

  • The Applicant’s Life plan must be CURRENT the day that they are reviewed by the committee – usually about two weeks after the submission of a complete application.
  • Citizens Respite must be included in:
    • Section III – Safeguards
    • Section IV – Waiver grid
  • Camp or Citizens Respite must also be justified in the Narrative Section 1 and should be in Section V which lists all supports and services, both funded and natural community resources.

If the current life plan does not contain ALL of the above items or it is expired, please submit an amended life plan with all of the above additions. We do encourage this to happen quickly as camp has filled up fast this year and the person supported will not be able to attend without a current and complete life plan.

In order for an application to be considered, a valid and CURRENT (not expired) life plan, medical packet, physical, and all behavior support plans must be uploaded to CampDoc. We cannot process applications without these complete items. We understand that CampDoc may read that the application is 100% complete, but this does not take into account the expiration date or completeness of scanned documents. If any document is expired it is not valid. If any document is missing information it is not valid.

If you are a care manager and have further questions about specific people applying to camp and what to enter as supports or safeguards, please refer to your supervisor for guidance. If you are a family member or guardian, please consult with your care manager.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We can be reached at


The Camp Loyaltown Team

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