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Activity Staff

Life Guards and Swimming
Water Front Director
Pedal Boating
Arts & Crafts
Fabric Arts
Wood Working
Media Arts


  • Camp Loyaltown is a large residential summer camp for developmentally disabled children and adults.  The campers range in age from 6 years to 80 plus years old; most of the campers are between 10 years – 60 years old.  The campers range in ability from those who need all their physical needs taken care of by the staff to those who need just verbal direction and reminders. Activity Staff plan and organize specific activity areas for campers to engage in.


  • Plan and implement a variety of 4-5, forty minute activities for the program areas suited to the age and developmental level of the cabin each day
  • Maintain a lesson plan book for each program area (include activities that will work in alternate locations due to heat or rain) and a log, tracking the activities implemented in which cabins
    • Nature, Ceramics, and Woodshop will each be run by one member of the program team and will therefore need specific instructions for rover coverage.
    • All other program areas will be shared among the rest of the team on a rotary basis, daily upkeep of the activity logs and information on camper projects is essential.
  • Attend a daily program meeting with the Program Coordinator to hear daily camp announcements, report any maintenance requests, address any camper issues, brainstorm, and provide support for one another
  • Develop and maintain a working rapport with Cabin Counselors and encourage their involvement in your program. Keep a daily log of cabin participation; specifically note any concerns or compliments
  • Maintain clean, safe and well-organized program areas
  • Coordinate with the Program Coordinator and Program and Evening Activity
  • Assume all responsibilities and duties of a cabin counselor when not involved in program activities or evening activities
  • Plan and implement Orientation with the rest of the Administrative team & follow up with late arrivals. Assist and organize evening activities for staff during orientation
  • Provide both counselors and campers with an excellent role model starting during Orientation and throughout the summer both on and off camp
  • Maintain high staff morale throughout camp
  • Assist in cleaning & organizing Program Supplies and Evening Activity supplies
  • Supervise and check luggage of your assigned campers on packing day
  • Schedule, plan, coordinate and supervise after-hours activities for staff a session with another admin staff
  • Session change over- clean-up program areas and cabin
  • Carry out additional responsibilities assigned to you for the well-being of the campers and staff
  • Plan, schedule and implement evening activities with Program Coordinator
  • Organize, set up, and clean up evening activities
  • Assist Unit Administrator in the planning and implementing of unit evening activities


  • Prior experience leading and developing activities for the developmentally disabled.

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