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Session Four Highlights!

This week’s highlights include “Space Night,” which took session four campers on an adventure with astronauts to escape an alien invasion!  Campers and counselors dressed up, painted faces and followed the clues to find a crashed UFO!

Campers also enjoyed Monday night’s film festival and are looking forward to another festival tomorrow night, featuring films by the campers themselves!  These films can be based off famous movies, camp life or music videos that the campers will then be able to show to their peers on the big screen in the rec hall!

There is still so much to look forward to with Saturday’s Masquerade Ball, where campers will dress up in their finest and wear masks that they will create themselves in art program during the day!  Before session four’s final farewell on Sunday, campers will be able to spend quality time with their friends and counselors and enjoy making memories to last until next summer!

New photos are available for you to view!  We frequently update Bunk1 with photos so be sure to login and take a look at what’s happening around Camp.

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