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“Let me Tell you Something” by Tialy Marcellin

Camp Loyaltown camper Tialy Marcellin has opened a window into his journey with a disability in his piece titled “Let Me Tell You Something.”  Tialy’s strength of mind and unwavering positive outlook on life are a true inspiration to the Camp Loyaltown community.  Thank you Tialy.

“Sometimes I forget that I have a disability, I don’t focus on it, the only thing that I focus on is living a normal life because I am normal, I am in a wheelchair that is the truth, the wheelchair is my way to get around, the wheelchair is my normal legs, in fact, I love having a disability, do you wanna know why, because there is the opportunity to enlighten people. …because I see the light like I always say “I love my life” even though I know life isn’t perfect I still have to enjoy it no matter what, therefore I don’t really care whatever comes my way so I will tell you again, let me tell you something.”

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