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Camp Virtual Connections was created last year to keep our Camp Loyaltown community connected while apart. We are thankful to continue this program, connecting virtually and creating a positive experience from the comfort of home.

Our upcoming fall virtual programming starts this October and will be filled with fun activities, chats with staff and interactive opportunities for all participants. We look forward to taking virtual trips to experience and learn about different cultures around the world, challenging ourselves with games of trivia and more! We will also be joined by our favorite music teacher, Nyle, who will join us to teach on weekdays!

What you need to know:

  • Camp Virtual Connections runs on a 12 week cycle. You will need to re-apply to attend each cycle.
  • While we are not meeting in-person, we will be encouraging all COVID-19 protocols. Safety is our top priority. We follow all COVID-19 protocols and requirements provided by the Department of Health, CDC, OPWDD, and Agency guidelines.

Why join us?

  • Learn about different countries each week, talk with international guests from all around the world, and learn new languages
  • Complete your passport
  • Travel in virtual planes, hot air balloons, helicopters, boats, hovercrafts, and more
  • Make your own cook book
  • Sing, dance and make new friends!

Who can join?

Applicants must be eligible for Respite Services through OPWDD.


Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm to 9pm

How can I apply?

To apply, go to If you are new to Bunk1, use invitation code: Citizens. Complete the Virtual Connections Spring-Summer application.

If you would like more information, please contact Farah Paillant by sending an e-mail to

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