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Welcome Campers!

Session five has begun and so have the activities!  Monday night’s “Disney Dance” brought Snow White, Rapunzel, Jasmine and more of our favorite characters to the dance floor!  This week’s “Fairytale Night” will bring some more story book characters as campers make gingerbread men in cooking, dance to the musical pieces from Swan Lake, and follow the trails like their friends “Hansel and Gretel.”

While our evening activities bring so much to look forward to, let’s not forget about our day programs!   Campers can join together during art, making beautiful pieces that represent who they are, each person’s individuality shining through.  Sports like basketball and baseball give campers the opportunity to join together to see the benefits of teamwork all while having a blast!  Hunter, New York is a beautiful backdrop for campers who love the outdoors and can swing happily and peacefully outside before gathering with friends beside the camp fire, making memories to last a lifetime.

Camp LoyaltownCamp LoyaltownCamp LoyaltownCamp Loyaltown

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